Bland & Company
(Bland & Co.)

About Us

Bland & Co. is a conglomeration of partnerships, endeavors and customer relationships we have nurtured over the past three decades.

We provide services in the following sectors:

  • Health Care
    • Pertaining to Operating Table Repairs & Maintenance
    • Hospital Bed Repair & Maintenance
    • Auto Clave Service, Installation & Repair
    • Exam Chair Maintenance & Repair
    • Surgical Light Maintenance & Repair
    • Custom medical fabrication & machining
    • Medical Washer Repair & Maintenance
    • Repair Welding & Polishing
  • Marina’s & Marine repairs
  • Arial Photography
Medical Repair Welding is a critical part of infection control as applying the right weld can be the difference in having the ability to completely clean a stainless welded connection or not. Our repair welders will return your medical stainless steel back to original or better.
Operating tables are a critical link in the operating room but rarely get the preventative maintenance attention they need to insure worry free service.

We provide on site repair services to get your bed or fleet of beds back in top working condition.

Hospital Beds are how hospital make money and unless a room has a working bed its hard to bill for room without a bed.

Our onsite bed repair service has taken fleets with as much as 30% down to 100% up with a spare or two ready to go into service should a bed fail for one reason or another.

Repairing stainless steel is an art in and of its self, we pride ourselves in being one of the best medical welding repair facilities around. We understand the importance of the medical finish that's needed and pay attention to achieving perfection.

Medical Washing Machines are heavily depended on to always work especially if you have a busy OR to support. Our maintenance service can be on site or we can take your washer back to our facility for refurbishment