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    Getting a Puppy

    Whether it's your first dog or tenth dog every dog trains differently using similar concepts.

    One of the common mistakes is a person tries to train a K9 to fit their life style but the opposit is true, the K9 breed or mix therof should be fitting of your average life style.

    Adopting The K9 That Fits Your Life

    Lets face it if you have the fast paced lifestyle and energy of a hummingbird a Grey Hound or Whippet would be a possible fit, but that same person wouldn't want to get an English Bull Dog...

    If you have found yourself landing on my page I hope you find the links and information helpful.


    K9 Organizations to Help

    AKC is a great resourse for you investigation, the have great insight on breed health, nutrition and dicipline to say the least. Check them out!

    Cesar's Way is a great site, among many things I like training techniques most as he works with all sorts of problems but usually with the same approach. Behavior & diet are two key feature that he explaing in great detail. Have a look.

    Spring K9 Activities

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    Summer K9 Activities

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    Fall K9 Activities

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    Winter K9 Activities

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    K9 Disipline Methods

    Barb and I have had serveral K9's through the years some started from puppy and a few have came to us through adoption with various past histories requiring some retraining. We have found the use of leash paired with an E-collar is most usefull especially if off leash training is your objective, we use SportDog.

    How well does your dog listen to the basic commands SIT, STAY, DOWN, COME, OFF, HEEL, and NO? How well they listen could be a matter of life & death depending on the situation...

    K9 Health

    Depending on where you live the health of your K9 could be simple or as complex to needing survival skills either way being informed is most important and hopefully we can help add to your knowledge.

    Giving first aid to your K9 can be very important and know what to do right off the bat is very important.

    Check out or K9 First Aid Page but if it's an emergency you should call your local Animal ER

    Our K9's

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  • Rocko
  • Diamond
  • Duke
  • Dewey
  • Boaz
  • Roxie
  • Jachin
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